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Are mosquitos getting to you? Help is on the way!

The City of Victoria has released a statement on their civic alert page to let you know THEY HEAR YOU! They will be doubling down their efforts by spraying the City of Victoria, not once but TWICE in the days ahead.

Why are there so many mosquitos right now? They seem to be everywhere!

According to the City of Victoria civic alert, "The mosquitoes that were spawned after the heavy rainfall on May 1 have reached adulthood".

Thankfully, Parks & Recreation is doubling down on the pesky insects!

When does spraying begin?

Parks & Recreation began spraying for mosquitoes during the weekend when the adult mosquitoes began appearing.

What's the spray schedule?

Victoria Parks and Rec staff will finish spraying the entire city today on May 11thThen, they will re-spray the city a second time May 12-14.

Something to note about this schedule, with rain predicted tomorrow.

This schedule is subject to change depending on the weather since the spray cannot be used in rain. The treatment schedule is based on safety regulations for the insecticide Parks & Recreation uses.

Life Cycle of Mosquitos often called the " unOfficial State Bird of Texas"

Mosquitoes take 8-10 days to grow from an egg to an adult, and mosquito spray is not effective on eggs or larvae. During the past week, Parks & Recreation treated standing water on City-owned property with larvicide to kill mosquito larvae.

How can we help the effort to minimize mosquitos in our community?

Parks & Recreation encourages residents to treat or pour out any standing water on their property to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

For more information about mosquito spraying, contact Parks & Recreation at 361-485-3200.

Ps. Just writing this article made me itchy. Wondering if you're itchy reading it.

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