The City of Victoria has closed portions of Riverside Park through the weekend due to expected flooding. The RV Park, boat ramp, Pebble Beach, Fox’s Bend, and John F. Lee Drive are now closed. Parks & Recreation staff will monitor the weather and the river level to determine whether additional closures are needed during the weekend. The park is expected to fully reopen no later than April 13. This will affect many plans for the Easter weekend in Victoria.


At 8:15 AM CDT Friday the stage was 6.1 feet. - Forecast...The river is expected to rise above flood stage late tonight to a crest of 27.8 feet Sunday evening. It will then fall below flood stage Tuesday afternoon. - Flood stage is 21.0 feet. - Flood History...This crest compares to a previous crest of 27.8 feet on 06/04/2021. If torrential rains continue this number could go up so please be paying attention to weather reports and rain totals.

IMPACTS...At 28.0 feet, Water flows into Saxet Lake Park starting to cover Fordyce Road, with portions of park inaccessible. Water crosses Fordyce Road at the large culvert between the lakes and main portion of Sexet Lake Park, covering some of the picnic area and roads. Water may be flowing under the US Business 59 East and West Relief Bridges. Water is on John F. Lee Drive in Riverside Park. On McCright Drive, water approaches the first parking lot, the field across the Texas Zoo, with baseball fields and stadium inaccessible.


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