A Cuero family's search for their missing teen has been going on since late December.

Crossroads residents are being asked by the Gamez family, and the Cuero and Taft Police Departments, to keep an eye out for 15-year-old Raziel Zion Gamez.

Raziel went missing in December and is now missing again after he reportedly escaped an area rehab facility in Taft. He was last seen on January 4th as reported by Crossroadstoday.com. 

Raziel's mother Crystal has also been very active on social media trying to share photos of her missing son like the post below.

The young man was said to be missing back in December. Those close to the situation explain Raziel went missing December 20th but was then found at a friend's home.
Soon after he entered a rehab facility in Taft, Raziel's mother says he then fled from that facility.

Anyone who can help the Gamez family with additional information is asked to call the Cuero Police or the Taft Police Departments. They can be reached at the numbers below.

  • Cuero Police Department: 361-275-3552
  • Taft Police Department: 361-528-3131

The family wants Raziel to know they love him and want to get him the help he needs. If you can share the photos with anyone in the area who may know more info on Raziel's whereabouts, please do so.

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