Victoria Downtown Master Plan Draft

The City of Victoria has just released its Downtown Master Plan Draft and the pictures are jaw-droppingly awesome. It all looks incredible and we are excited! We bet you will be too!

I mean come on, just look at this rendering of future Downtown Victoria!

Photo credit City of Victoria Master Plan
Photo credit City of Victoria Master Plan

Here is the City of Victoria Facebook post. Comments welcomed.

We've always been a huge fan of downtown Victoria so it's no surprise that we've been keeping abreast of plans for its renovation and revitalization and have been excited to keep you in the know as well.

The City of Victoria offers this civic alert for you to view as well, here.

After months of data collecting, community input, endless hours of research, meetings, and serious number crunching, the City of Victoria has put together a comprehensive plan for the future of downtown Victoria.

What is the Downtown Plan you might be wondering?

Well, according to the brochure available right now for our community to view here, one of the answers to What is the Downtown Plan offers this,  "The Downtown Plan determines and illustrates the community’s vision for the future of Downtown Victoria." It also offers, "The Plan will be used by City staff and City Council to determine future capital improvements, provide a vision to discuss with potential investors, and as a reference point for current and future City Councils to understand the vision and desires of the community as they make decisions affecting Downtown going forward."

Why do we need a Downtown Plan?

Again, the City of Victoria offers this for the community, "It helps the City make incremental improvements to enhance the experience and quality of life in Downtown and encourage further private investment in the area.

How can you be a part of The Plan?

Survey says! Take a few minutes to fill out the survey here or visit or for more information, you can call  Main Street Program Director Danielle Williams at 361-485-3060 or visit

Freese & Nichols will present the master plan during the Sept. 21 City Council meeting.

The plan is scheduled to be adopted at the Oct. 19 meeting.

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