Facebook is the largest social network. I mean, is there really any others out there? And we all wonder what we did before it. Some of us update our status, some people pretend not to look at Facebook and won’t admit that they really do, all the time... stalking. And some us are actually using it as a tool to keep up to date with folks we wouldn’t otherwise have time to chat with on the phone as often as we’d like.

We will all admit we learn things about others. Sometimes, it's things we didn’t really want to know.

I was chatting with a girlfriend. I won’t reveal her name. I will just nickname her Cici. Cici enjoys reading facebook posts because she can be nosey. This is why I will keep her identity confidential. Cici said sometimes you have to read between the lines on some posts. Some are meant for a specific person or could have a hidden message that only certain people might know. Which is true but one of my pet peeves is when someone is trying to call someone out but won’t mention their name. My advice to them is be an adult and talk to the person face to face instead of posting drama. All this passive aggressive battling really becomes ridiculous.

This can also get you into trouble at work. Cici observed that you can tell if someone is at their job or not. Because some are always on Facebook if they are at work otherwise you don’t hear much from them if they are off.

Cici also noticed that you can find out who has been hanging out with who even if you are not friends with them just by going to others' pages and see if they were checked in with someone else. Just remember next time you “check in”, this tells your business. I have had a few friends find out they were being cheated on just by checking Facebook. They thought they were being sneaky but when the other person is posting pics of them or talking about them in status, you can’t deny that.

You could bust people on so many things if you know how to use Facebook correctly. Which means getting on the actual computer, not your phone. There are things you can’t see on your phone that you can on your computer. A part of me feels sorry for the kids these days. Imagine what it would have been like when we were in college/high school and all the blackmailing that could have been done.

On a lighter note, Facebook let's you keep up with birthdays and happy events in people’s life. I am not sure how I kept up with friend’s birthdays before Facebook. It helps you to stay in touch. Because we don’t always have time to have an hour phone conversation just to hear how a birthday party went, how the new job is going, or just to say hello. You can just go check out Facebook and get to see status updates, pictures and comments from folks you may or may not know. If you would like to share your thoughts on social networking, please email me at melissarivera@townsquaremedia.com.