Victoria native Yvette Gbalazeh has announced to plans to run for Governor in the state of Texas on a '420 friendly' platform.

An an independent candidate, Gbalazeh was described in a published report as a 'human bill' to get the wacky weed legalized. She says a poll in the state taken last year shows that more than 80% of Texans support legalization, and she says pot should be legalized for health benefits in treating a number of conditions including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. In the article, Gbalazeh said she favors a resolution approved by lawmakers that would not need action by the Governor but would need to be approved by voters. She said joint resolutions (no pun intended) are what she favors, so that Texans can decide at the polls.

Gbalazeh graduated with an associated degree in psychology from the University of Houston, has been an activist in Texas, California and Colorado, and has postings on her Facebook page stating 'Will Rap 4 Weed.'

Yvette Gbalezeh, Facebook
Yvette Gbalezeh, Facebook

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