The plight of the homeless is well-documented, but every reminder is still powerful.

In this video (with some NSFW language), a homeless man, in Austin, Tex., named Obediah opens up about the perils of life on the streets and how he's had trouble adjusting to life in the world after being released from prison on drug charges (he served 12 years).

Obediah, a one-time contractor who now lives in a tent, is well-spoken, but clearly struggling with how people perceive him, whether it's trying to find a place to live or just asking someone for the time in a time when, as he explains, people don't want relationships, choosing instead to be devoted to the internet.

The man who shot the video is a documentary filmmaker who wants to help Obediah. He's set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising $5,000 for him.

What do you think? Does Obediah make some good points or do you think he's just a whiner who needs to get his act together?

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