In the 1990s we weren't thinking only about horsepower, drifting was a skill set of the decade that had drivers headed sideways'! Whether it was "drop a gear and disappear" or 'drift or die', we got to talking about these fast movers in the studio the other day.

The MUST-HAVE JDM cars that are still around today can be pretty pricey if you're trying to buy them as a collector. You are also looking at the underground 'drift tax' which you won't find in the paperwork. Let's say there's a classic 90s car that might be worth $500, if you add on the drift tax you are actually gonna pay something like $5000. Think of it as a fee to have fun.

Let's check out our top 8 1990 imports below!

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  • 1

    MK4 Supra

    The MK4-Arguab ley the BEST Supra ever designed. The 2JZ engine was strong and reliable and best paired with the twin-turbo that pushed its power to about 320hp, which back in the 90s turned ALL heads. The MK4 has such a sweet design, from the oversized wing to the extremely distinguishable taillights, this car is the holy grail of 90s imports! Thank goodness Toyota heard our cries and brought the Supra back at the end of 2019!

  • 2

    Mazda RX-7

    The RX-7 is undeniably one of the best, if not THE, best things Mazda has ever put out--to this day. It's unique rotary engine, turbocharger, and rear-wheel drive makes it a drift legend.

  • 3

    Acura NSX

    Now, these are something you definitely don't see every day. The NSX was such a versatile car when it was first produced. It was generally affordable and economical enough to be a daily driven car. Honda made sure to throw in its VTEC engine, which made for a fun drive. Acura released a second-generation NSX back in 2012; however, it came with a less affordable price tag of around 157,000 and is dubbed a supercar.

  • 4

    Nissan R34

    Ah yes, you know this one had to be somewhere on this list. The Nissan R34, or Skyline is one of the sickest JDM cars out there; it's legendary. The R34 is the fifth generation Skyline, and it supremely potent. From the factory, it comes boosted, but the best type of boost: double trouble. Twin-turbo and all-wheel-drive combo creates endless nights of fun and possibilities.

  • 5

    S14 Silvia

    The S14 Silvia is like a Nissan 240sx but with a facelift. It is such a beautiful car, and it's as if its design was sculpted by the drift gods themself.

  • 6

    300zx TT

    Nissan came out with another classic that was a bit less appreciated. The 300ZX TT was produced from 1990-'96. These baddies deserve some recognition. Debatably, these cars may have been less known than Nissans' 240s that were being produced simultaneously; they packed a different punch. The 300ZX TT came with twin turbos, and they can really GO. I've come across a handful of these, and the turbo lag is almost non-existent; it's impressive.

  • 7

    Mitsubishi Evolution

    The Evo's from the '90s are what started it all for Mitsubishi. The Evo V came turbocharged and all-wheel-drive. It was great for racing, but it also held its ground in the drifting scene. The design was vicious and obviously became an instant hit in the car scene.

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  • 8

    Subaru STI

    Coming up in the '90s, the STI was in constant rivalry with the Mitsubishi Evo. The two were constantly neck to neck. Both rally, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive, it came down to the skill of the driver. One thing that makes a Subaru stand out is its engine. The STI has what is known as the Boxer engine, and the vicious rumble can be heard from inside and out. The STI is still in production today and mimics the same traits as the earlier generations.

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