It is almost unimaginable for many non-healthcare workers to fathom some of the events and scenarios that go on behind the scenes, especially in the COVID-19 era. When intern Alex showed us all the videos, it about had everybody holding back the tears. Grab a tissue...

Savannah, a 28-year-old traveling nurse from Tennessee, who also goes by the name @thatICUnurse on TikTok, is offering some heartbreaking but insightful behind the scene point of view through her TikTok page.

In one video that has recently gone viral, Savannah re-enacted a difficult discussion that she said happens way too often. In the video, Savannah shared the heartbreaking conversation she has with severely sick COVID-19 patients before they are intubated and put on a ventilator - a terrifying scenario.


@thaticunurseUnfortunately I have this conversation way too often. ##covid ##covid19 ##covidicu ##intubation ##ventilator ##prone ##fyp ##pov ##fypシ ##nurse ##rn

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In the video, @thatICUnurse is in the POV of a nurse standing over her patient. She is gently breaking the news about bad test results. As she discusses intubation, Savannah tries to bring relief by asking if the patient would like to FaceTime their family to talk to them before the procedure. Unfortunately for many, this may be the last time they get to speak with their loved ones; according to a coronavirus study by Critical Care Medicine, 35.7% of people who require intubation end in death.

Savannah told Buzzfeed,  "I decided to post this educate families that have loved ones who have gone through this recently, and to educate people who still choose to not mask or follow social distancing guidelines."

Savannah also said she made that specific POV video to offer some comfort to the family of loved ones, to show families that their loved ones are being cared for while they are in the hospital. In her interview with Buzzfeed, she explained, "We spend our whole day with this one life, trying to save them, forming bonds with them, and it breaks our heart for them to have to go through this alone."

Savannah and many of the millions of other healthcare workers put their lives on the line every day they go to work. It is comforting to see that for many of these workers; it is not just a job; there is a passion behind the mask. They genuinely are there for their patients are want to help them pull through, and even if they don't, the healthcare workers are there by the side of the patients till the end.

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