We're celebrating America's birthday with Triple-Plays at the top of every hour!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, fire up KLUB Classic Rock at 106.9 FM or on the KLUB app, for some great American rock 'n roll by the likes of Aerosmith, Journey, Z.Z. Top, Bob Seger, Motley Crue, Sammy Hagar, Joe Walsh, Boston, and many more!

Hey face it, you can't go wrong with "wicked awesome long sets of classic rock" each and every hour!

As an added bonus, you'll be able to enter for the 106 Days of Summer Prize Packs all through the holiday weekend by downloading the KLUB app. Just throw your digits in the box below!

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We've got you covered this Fourth of July holiday weekend!  So, throw open up some Shiner, grab a plate of brisket, and let's rock this holiday!


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