When the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, many heroes were called on to work the frontlines, nursing those in need back to health. These essential workers deserve a big “Thank you,” but we don’t forget other essential workers, such as those employed at grocery stores and working in the home health department for seniors. One group of those essential workers that have been overlooked has been teachers across the nation.

On Tuesday night in La Porte, just outside of Houston, Texas, the district's board of trustees approved a resolution that would award all employees hired before September 8th, a $1,000 incentive for going above and beyond during the pandemic.

The officials of the school district stated that these employees have gone “above and beyond in their duties and responsibilities during the coronavirus pandemic,” noting that the payment “also serves a public purpose, in that it increases morale and helps employees focus on work they perform during the disruption of normal operations.”

While La Porte ISD is working to make sure their staff remain as safe and appreciated as possible, unfortunately, substitutes, temporary workers, and employees which are on paid and unpaid administrative leave, will not be able to qualify for the $1,000 reward.

The payment is to be issued before the district's schools are released out on the break for the holidays on December 18th. Overall, we are grateful for the chance this season to have other individuals who care for our children as their own and are forever grateful for their sacrifices and contributions. This is well deserved!

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