I grew up in Los Angeles and plenty of friends and family still live there; every weekend I see all the fun and different things they are out there doing, posting it all over their social feeds-and make no mistake I'm super jealous. I can stop all that jealousy because Victoria has a brand new, trendy place to go and have some fun.

Victoria Business Stepping their Game Up


*Cue the big city vibes* Victorians can now get a taste of the big city with this super hip and trendy spot. The Axe Society has only been open for a short time, but the response from the community has been fantastic. Owners Jennifer and Zachary Lopez have stepped up Victoria's game and are giving residents a reason to stay in town for some fun. Date night, birthday parties, hangouts, this is definitely the new place to be at.

What is The Axe Society?


Okay, picture this, it's a gun range except, replace the guns with axes and sip on some beer while you're at it. The Axe Society is an axe throwing spot where you can gather with your friends, drink some beer, and throw some axes, honestly, what more could you ask for?


Make things a bit more competitive and keep score of your axe throwing capabilities. When you step inside your throwing spot, there are wooden targets that you will aim for. Keep track of your score and see who will come out on top.

Rub It In their Face

Ring the little bell every time you throw a bullseye! I know I did! I rang it loud and proud, every.single.time. Playing a game while you throw makes it super hilarious. I threw mine so high I couldn't even reach it.

The Axe Society Personal Touch

There are other axe-throwing places in other towns, but The Axe Society has really put their personal touch on this place. As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by artwork. The walls are hand-painted by the owner, Zach. He even hand-crafts props and the little touches you can spot all over the place; he said he put that art degree to work!


Every wall is beginning to fill up with super cool paintings. There's a wall for his wife J.Lo typing in her Asian ancestry with a traditional twist.


Zach is a huge My Chemical Romance fan, so he painted this piece as a tribute to their 'Welcome to the Black Parade' album, I'm here for those vibes.


Check out these pieces too. The cat is a dedication to their many cats! There is a piece of artwork everyone can enjoy. Plus they're great for selfies!

attachment-Untitled design (98)

These two are just so unique and a total asset to the community. Instead of pushing their son into sports, they opted for axe throwing and MMA instead! So this family definitely throws around axes at home too!


This place is here to serve! Even though these two both have full-time jobs, they are keeping this place open 7 days a week! Find them open on the weekdays from 6 pm till 11 pm and pretty much all day on the weekends, 11 am-11 pm.

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