According to their Facebook page, Victoria's legendary bakery, Halepaska's has announced they are permanently closing.

The news has been shared more than 1,000 times in the last 24 hours with 936 shares and 644 comments.

Halepaska's was the first restaurant I went to when I first moved to Victoria and over the course of the last twenty five years, most of the biggest events in my life have revolved around our legendary bakery, Halepaska's Bakery.

Starting with our wedding cake. Our cake was absolutely beautiful. My mother in law had ordered it along with petits fours which I had honestly never heard of before.I was smitten.

My boys, who are grown with children of their own, can attest that every birthday cake of their youth was baked and decorated at Halepaska's Bakery. And the countless after school cookies and snacks for our children and their classmates during special occasions or any occasion at all, I would stop by Halepaska's as a treat for the kids.

When it was a very special day for a friend or I wanted to gift someone a thank you I would stop by to grab petits fours, as over the years, petits fours became one of my favorite desert items on the planet and I would find reasons to give them as gifts. They were symbolic to one of the best days of my life. All from Halepaska's Bakery.

When our family came together to discuss a new business proposal we met at Halepaska's for lunch and literally detailed the concept on one of their tables which had the trademark community Q&A's printed on the table top.

Halepaska's will be deeply, deeply missed in our community. We send our love and appreciation to the Halepaska family and the wonderful bakers and decorators who made Halepaska the staple bakery and restaurant we've loved over the last several decades. Decades. What's your Halepaska's Bakery story?

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