Sure, it sounds like a great deal (they always do, don't they?) but, according to the Better Business Bureau, that job offer you got on Instagram may very well be a scam.

The job we're talking about is an offer to become a 'brand ambassador,' which would require users posting photos of themselves using the brand's products in exchange for free products, a sales commission, and more exposure for your posts. The problem is, users end up paying for the products they're supposed to be promoting, and they often arrive broken. These products could be anything from sunglasses to jewelry.

The Better Business Bureau recommends to always be cautious of any job offer that requires you to send money. They also warn that scammers may say they they need to run a credit check or want to set up direct deposit with your bank. These are clearly red flags of attempts to get your personal information.

The BBB Also warns that work-from-home or secret shopper jobs could very well be scams.

For more info on area scams and to research area companies, visit the Better Business Bureau here.

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