We've heard the story before, a scammer calls an unsuspecting person and tries to convince them that they are in in some kind of legal trouble they knew nothing about, and they need to arrange payment right away, usually through a prepaid debit card. This time around, it appears to be coming from a cloned phone number, one that belongs to Victoria County Sheriff's Office.

One resident reported such a call from a man calling himself Capt. Greenmeyer or Green Meyers who says the resident needs to settle an outstanding warrant by paying. According to a published report in the Victoria Advocate, a Victoria dentist was the latest attempted victim, and authorities say a number of doctors have reported receiving the same kinds of calls.

Officials say they would never attempt to collect a fine or even contact a resident about a warrant over the phone.

Bottom line is, if in doubt, hang up and contact the sheriff's office to either verify any issue you may have, and to report the attempted scam.

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