The spring bloom has arrived across our great state and after spending 2020 locked in our living rooms, Texans are getting out this Spring in search of bluebonnets and, fun in the sun while outdoors.

That search has led many Texans to get behind the wheel, making a road trip out of this year's quest for the perfect family bluebonnet photo. Where are they headed? To Ennis, Texas, for a look at Joe Dolezalik's 35-acre bluebonnet fields. The official address is 726 Zmolek Road, Ennis, Texas. The footage is breathtaking.

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Dolezalik's Bluebonnet Farm

If you make the drive up to Ennis, Texas to see Joe Dolezalik's farm, you may find him sitting out on his gator UTV waiting hello and inviting you onto the farm. Joe spoke with WFAA recently and said he often sees guests checking out all the bluebonnets from Highway 45 and he tells them, "Come on in and I'll show you where to go." The farm is about a 4.5-hour drive from Victoria, but chances are if you are headed to Dallas for any reason over the next few weeks that this little detour will be well worth the trip.

Ennis Texas via googlempas

Joe served his country in the Army and spent 1967, and 1968 in Vietnam. He loves being back in Texas and the quiet peacefulness that comes from the great landscape of our state. Joe's breathtaking farm is part of the official Ennis Bluebonnet Trail

The city of Ennis features Joe's farm as part of their official trail each spring. They hold their own bluebonnet festival which brings even more visitors to see Dolezalik's little corner of Texas. He encourages their visits, allows them onto his private land, and invites them to take all the photos they want while they are there. We sure appreciate Joe's service. It's great Texans like him who help make this the best place on Earth. Go check out those bluebonnets. Enjoy!


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