We can all agree that the Dallas Cowboys did what most Americans thought they would do last night! They lost in epic fashion and I am a Cowboys fan BTW. As you know, social media goes nuts on both sides of the spectrum when the Dallas Cowboys are playing. However, one tweet raised a few eyebrows. Look at what Governor Abbott posted about the Dallas Cowboys Kicker, Brett Maher, last night, and yes this is an actual tweet that has gone viral...

Reactions on the feed is from both sides.  Some people appreciate the joke and others jumped into the political debate. What do you think? I can surely appreciate someone that is able to make fun of themselves in a joking way. The Tweet was sent from Abbott’s personal account GregAbbott_TX. The Twitter account GovAbbott is the official feed of the Office of Texas Governor.


The reason for the Tweet comes from Maher's recent performance as the Dallas Cowboys kicker. During last week's game, Maher missed four consecutive extra point attempts during the Cowboy's win to the Tampa Bay Bucs.  If that wasn't enough, Maher's first attempt was blocked last night. Even though it was blocked replay shows he would have missed that one too. Abbott was watching it all go down because he tweeted this status at 6:28 PM!

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