First, a big thank you to every single nurse on the "front lines" right now during the pandemic. From all of us, for what it's worth, happy National Nurses Day and Week.

A recent study done by Wallet Hub regarding the best and worst states for nurses ranked Texas at number 10, which is actually really good news. The only one of our neighbors that ranked higher than us is New Mexico, which came in at third.

We scored high marks in "opportunity and rank." We scored right in the middle when it came to "work environment."

Probably the best news is that Texas came in first place when it came to starting wages once adjusted for cost of living. If you're wanting to be a nurse, Texas is looking like a good place to do it.

That is if you can find an opening. Texas ranked 29 when it came to job openings per capita.

Another area where Texas had a few problems is when it came to the number of work hours. Texas ranked 29.

If you would like to know more, you can follow this link to Wallet Hub's website to see the full study and a breakdown of all the different categories they used to establish rankings.

It can't be overstated how much we appreciate our nurses right now. It's a job that doesn't always get a lot of praise, and is already one that is incredibly stressful without COVID-19.

We appreciate you and thank you nurses for everything you do. Happy National Nurses Day, and happy Nurses Week.



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