Dallas County Officials have confirmed that a Texas woman in her 30s died from complications related to COVID-19 while onboard a commercial aircraft. The woman's name was withheld by KSAT.com. The incident apparently happened back in July and is just now making it into the news cycle.

While this story is making the rounds on the internet, like most COVID-19 news, it raises far more questions than it answeres. How did this woman get past security, the temperature checks, and the like, only to board the plane and allegedly die from COVID? How is it everyone from major news outlets to People magazine has little to no information to be able to follow up on this bizarre circumstance? And it happened months ago!

The woman who died on board the plane while it sat on the ground in Arizona, was from Garland, Texas, just north of the Metroplex. NBC  DFW also reported that Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the unnamed woman died on board the plane that sat on the ground in Arizona while being treated with oxygen. Her breathing problems continued and she died while still on board the plane. No additional details have come out about this case at the time of this article. County officials say the woman had "underlying health-risk conditions".

The Texas Department of State Health Services says that as of Monday, Oct 20th, 4319 patients remain in the hospital in the state of Texas being treated for Coronavirus. The death toll in Texas due to the pandemic is reported to be 17,022.

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