Many Victorians have just gotten used to the duck pond looking like a forest. However, that has will change very soon. Today, The City broke ground on the duck pond restoration project on Monday, September. 12!  The duck pond has  been closed for four years due to sidewalk damage that was partly caused by Hurricane Harvey. Just like many of us, I have so many memories of feeding the ducks bread with the family or playing on the circular steps at the back of the pond.

City crews will excavate the pond this week, and Lester Contracting will begin working on the project later this month.  In a press release, Mayor Jeff Bauknight tell us, “This has been a long process for us, and we’re excited to be able to bring the duck pond back with an improved, resilient design.” Take a look at the birdseye view of what the renovated duck pond will look like.

The City of Victoria
The City of Victoria

Features of the restored pond will include:

  • A wall around the edge of the pond to prevent erosion
  • A duck feeding area with seating along the side of the pond
  • Water fountains with LED lighting
  • A floating fishing pier
  • A more spacious gazebo overlook protruding over the surface of the pond
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Last year in May of 2021,  I was near the duck pond, and I snapped this picture of the river level and this reminder of just how high the water got during the flood of 98'.  The red line marked the highest point of just over 33.8 feet. The level of the Guadalupe River in the picture was 23.56 feet.




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