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While many Texans are seeking information on the COVID-19 vaccine being made available in their area, others are waiting patiently for a chance to register for treatment in places that are already vaccinating. Believe it or not, there are reportedly thousands of Texans who have changed their minds.

WFAA reports there are Texans who are scheduled to receive shot #2 of their COVID-19 vaccine who are not showing up for the treatment. Many in the medical field say this will leave residents unprotected and is slowing down the process. As many as 15 to 20 percent of Texans due for dose number two are not showing up, many are the age group who are 65 and older. Doctor's like those at City Hospital in Dallas say they are hearing about logistics issues. Some folks can't find a ride to the clinic, or their appointment is scheduled for a day that no longer works for said patients.

Because many second doses are held for patients who have already received shot #1, medical professionals must then decide what to do as the shelf life of the vaccine means it can't sit around waiting on a scheduling conflict or it will expire. This issue is having many communities explore the possibility of having the vaccine brought to the patients much the way Corpus Christi has done by deploying their local firefighters to administer vaccines to patients who are homebound.

Medical professionals like Dr. Robert Atmar with Baylor College of Medicine says the CDC says just one dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine offers less protection and will not last as long if only one dose is administered. The levels of antibodies are just not high enough if you miss the second dose.

According to the CDC Moderna says you need the second shot about 4 weeks after the first dose, Pfizer says to get the second dose about 3 weeks after the first show.

Texas health officials report almost 6000 people have gone over six weeks and have not come back for a second dose. An increase of 200 more patients as compared to last Thursday. There are another 144,000 signed up for second shots.

Some Doctors are wondering if a third shot won't be required by next year. on the horizon is another version of the vaccine which will come from Johnson and Johnson. Their vaccine is said to just require one-shot based on testing and was designed differently than the vaccines offered by Moderna and Pfizer.

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