Special Mayoral Election Scheduled for July 3rd, 2021

It looks like three men are in the running for mayor of Victoria Texas for the special election scheduled for Saturday, July 3rd, 2021.

At this time, United States veteran David Crook, City Council member Jeff Baulknight, and Revista newspaper owner, Emett Alvarez have filed to run for mayor.

Why is Victoria having a special mayoral election?

Sadly, previously elected Victoria Mayor, Rawley McCoy, passed away unexpectedly midway through his term, on March 5th of this year, leaving sad hearts in the community and an empty seat on Council.

Victoria County Judge offers his thoughts on Mayor McCoy.

Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller, spent the last year with Mayor McCoy as they worked together to get the City of Victoria on its feet again after COVID-19 made its way to the Crossroads. "The loss of Mayor McCoy leaves a hole in the heart of our community. But his life also showcases the best of what we can all aspire to be in the short time we’re given on this earth. Rawley McCoy’s memory leaves an enduring example of a life well-lived."  You can read more about Judge Zeller's words in the article we wrote in March of 2021 below.

Recently Crossroads Today reporter, Cristian Delgado, had an opportunity to interview all three candidates and each agreed that the condition of Victoria streets was an issue they all agreed needed attention.

Here is a synopsis of what the three candidates had to say in a recent interview.

Candidate Alvarez offered in the article, "The number one thing I want to do, which is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was on city council is to improve the streets of Victoria, I also want to keep the city’s tax rate low and look at the 2035 capital improvement plan.” You can view Mr. Alvarez's Facebook page here.

Candidate Baulknight, who will lose his seat as City Council representative in the election offered, "I want to make sure we continue in the same direction we have been going. Rawley did a fantastic job lining up not only the city council but the boards underneath. I think Jesus ( Garza, City Manager) has been doing a good job as well with that vision and it all started with the 2035 plan for Victoria. You can view Mr. Baulknight's Facebook page here.

Candidate Crook offers that his military background is an asset, making him adaptable, and is quoted in the article offering each of us this reminder, "At the end of the day, we come together, we have one mission. We just want to get it done and help together." You can view Mr. Crook's Facebook page here.

We wish these three men the best of luck and thank them for their dedication to our community. 

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