Can you believe we are about to share tips for South Texas residents to stay warm during a power outage brought on by a winter storm? Well, we are.

Who would have expected to see Victoria half dark without power and the signal lights completely dark along with parts of Navarro this morning at about 4:45 am? Certainly not me.

Some of us may be experiencing a power or internet outage, and some of us may be experiencing a temporary brownout as utility providers attempt to save power. says Start with the blinds and windows. Closing all the blinds can help prevent heat loss from windows. Start there and make sure those windows are all closed tightly.

Small towels or rags are great for stuffing under the doors to keep heat from escaping. You can also walk around the house and close any doors to rooms not being used or any rooms that may lead to an exterior exit.

If you are out of power and without heat, today is also a great day to try on any and all sweaters you got for Christmas! Maybe it's a game to see who can fit into the most sweatshirts? Think layers. They will help.

Snack heavy. A full tummy can help keep ya warm. Avoid alcohol and coffee as both will contribute to your body losing heat.

You can also link over to the CDC here, and check out more suggestions for beating the heat during a power loss.

The main thing is to avoid travel if you can. Many roads in Victoria remain snow covered and icy. These conditions will likely stay with us until Tuesday afternoon or possibly Wednesday.


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