Those of you who tune in on Friday mornings for "This Week in Geek" know that Harley Myles and myself have a tendency to get off track on some of our subject matter. That's why we girded our loins and forced ourselves to stay on topic (mostly) to focus on something just for the listeners.

The best places in Victoria for the very First Date of your new relationship.

While we can't say all of our suggestions are for everyone, we raise some valid points and go over our reasons for our selections and they're pretty good reasons if we do say so ourselves.

So just sit back and listen to what we have to say, don't judge too quickly, and when it comes time to thank us for that very successful date, make sure and remember we prefer cash. And make sure to tell us what your Top 5 First Date Spots are either on our Facebook page or in the handy commenting section below.