The National Weather Service is keeping both eyes on the southern Gulf of Mexico as an area of low pressure has become favorable for development near the Bay of Campeche.

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A few days ago things were so slow to develop that I did not think we would be looking down at the Bay of Campeche for very long, but that is why the entire state stresses preparing for Hurrican Season. What mother nature wants, she often gets.

Tropical Depression Could form by Thursday

Today the likelihood of tropical formation in the Bay of Campeche is high. In two days, the system could very well fall apart. Or, it could strengthen. The National Weather Service seems focused on Thursday when this cluster of storms could really show signs of formation and begin to slowly move North towards the Gulf Coast of the US. As it moves North any formation that may occur will also be likely to get stronger. Hazards at our gulf-facing beaches could be in place by Friday if this storm develops.

Keep Cool and Stay Hydrated this Week

While we keep an eye on the gulf and watch Campeche for development, we also want to remind everyone in the Crossroads about the heat index this week. Warm temps and dew points are causing the index value to top out between 105 and 109 degrees this afternoon. These conditions could persist into Wednesday and Thursday. Anyone working outdoors today should take plenty of breaks, drink lots of water, and stay in the shade when possible.

Children and pets should NEVER be left unattended inside a parked vehicle on a day like today.

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