As news of the Uvalde funerals continues, our hearts break a lit bit over and over. Here is how one mom wanted to celebrate the life of her baby boy, through music! Xavier Lopez was a big fan of Jesse Turner Y Group Siggno.  Xavier's family reached out to Jesse Turner and told him that Xavier's favorite song was 'Ya No Me Improta.' and asked if Jess could come to sing a couple of songs for Xavier's grave.

in a report by NEWS4SA, we learn that Jessie sang a couple of songs for Xavier and the family. You can see a clip of that below.  At that point, they asked if he could play one more song. 'Ya No Me Importa!' His first reaction was, 'that's kind of an odd song to sing at a funeral.' He then played Xavier's favorite song with this message. Remember him every time you play this song and imagine his joy! Thank you for such a wonderful gesture, Jesse Turner!

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The following picture was posted to the Grupo Siggno Facebook page. The caption read 'sin Palabras.'  It's still tough to think about this whole situation.

Siggno Facebook
Siggno Facebook

I also found the very touching video on Facebook of Jesse singing the lyrics to 'Mama'

Jesse Turner and Grupo Siggno recently played in Victoria at the Bash and also observed a moment of silence during his performance.  May God continue to wrap his arms around all the families that have suffered in this Uvalde tragedy.

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