We love interacting with our listeners as much as we love the music, so one fun way as DJs that we keep the conversation going with YOU is by asking our Question of The Day.

Often we read your answers and add ours on air and have a blast interacting with you then and afterward on Facebook and our other social media platforms.

Today we thought we'd ask y'all what you think is 'one essential item in every Texas home'.

As Texans born and raised, we can say with certainty, y'alls answers were as honest as they were hilarious! There were laugh out loud moments throughout the studio all morning long, long after the morning shows were over!

We thought we'd do a little gallery of your top answers just for fun. Each of them just as 'quintessential Texas' as the one before.

Here are the Top 14 answers to the question;

What is one essential item in every Texas home, besides air conditioning of course!

One Essential Item in A Texas House

Thanks to ALL of our listeners for taking the time to let us know what you thought was one essential item in every Texas home.


And we think it pretty much sums up the ENTIRE VIBE of today's question of the day. This comes from Ashleigh S. who replied, "Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, a gun and the GOOD LORD."


Until tomorrow and our next Question of The Day, have a great day!

Let us know what you think we missed on this list. Just send us a message on our station app.

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