New information from the state dashboard shows about 1800 more doses of  COVID-19 vaccine headed to Victoria County and to DeTar Hospital System. reported the data was posted on Wednesday evening.

David Gonzales who is the Victoria County Health Department Director told that any day now the health department may announce an organized COVID-19 vaccine hotline similar to the Victoria County Covid-19 hotline introduced this past spring. As of the time of this publication on Friday morning, the city had yet to introduce the hotline but we encourage residents to keep an eye out for the announcement. We will of course continue to keep an eye out for the announcement and alert you with our mobile app once the hotline is available.

The hotline will be for Victorians who are ready to get the vaccine and is also meant to help those who are 65 years or older with certain medical conditions as the county enters Phase 1B of its vaccination plan.

Gonzales said, "Folks are welcome to call into the health department but keep in mind we’re getting a large number of calls right now, with questions and it may be hard to get through or get someone to get back to you in a timely manner. The best thing to do is to really monitor our Facebook page and our website and local media."

When asked about extra vaccines in Victoria county Gonzales reminded us the county does not control what pharmacies or hospitals do with doses that are not used. He did note that if there is a Phase 1B staff member at a given hospital, that member makes the call to ensure the vaccine is used somehow and not thrown away.

As of Wednesday evening, the Victoria OEM announced another 102 new cases of COVID-19 in Victoria County. COVID-19 hospitalizations are now at 18.44% of total hospital capacity in Victoria County.

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