Paint's Underground Pizza off of John Stockbauer in Victoria is giving their customers options. With the reopening of businesses in Texas now at 100%, Governor Abbott has also given local business owners the option to set their own mask regulations.

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In a story shared by Ozzy Mora with, Paint's owner Michael Painter shared his thoughts on the end of the mask mandate and the reopening of his business. Painter says his customers are delighted about not having to wear a mask inside the restaurant. While it's perfectly fine if anyone who visits the restaurant wants to wear a mask, Painter's customers have been happy to let him know they appreciate being given the choice. He told Crossroadstoday, "I think they can make their own choices if they would still like to wear a mask entering a business — that’s great — I believe that everybody should practice social distancing, good hygiene, constantly cleaning, making things safe for people."

While many restaurants that are allowing guests to dine in are still having their employees remain in masks, others are not. However, I have yet to see a restaurant that had removed the mask requirement from their servers and employees. They are still wearing masks at Whataburger, and I also saw masks still being worn over at Texas Roadhouse over the weekend.

Overall it seems that businesses locally are much happier being able to make the call themselves concerning what they will require their customers and employees to do. The main this is keeping the number of cases down, and keeping that hospitalization rate below 15% so the mask mandate does not need to be brought back.

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