Recently, I have started to see a lot of stories about how our youth is a generation that is proud of their Tejano and Proud roots and it is so awesome to see. Here is another fine example. The Sinton Pirates had a lot to celebrate.  The No. 1 ranked Pirates showcased the firepower they became known for this season in a 9-0 rout of Argyle in a Class 4A state championship victory at Disch-Falk Field as reported by the Caller-Times. This was also the first Championship in the school's baseball history. So they had a lot to celebrate! How did they celebrate? By signing the legendary Ramon Ayala hit 'Tragos Amargos' on the bus ride home. The video is absolutely incredible to see a bunch of high school boys singing this song. . Congratulations to the State Champion, Sinton Pirates! 

Last month, I also wrote about an Elementary school in the valley that has a Conjunto music program.  Another amazing example of how La Onda has made it to the next generation.   One elementary school in Edinburg, Texas is actually offering a class that teaches about Conjunto music. It was actually a student's idea.

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4th Grade teacher from Betts Elementary, Emannuel Leon, says that one of his students that played the accordion brought up the idea of this class. Leon has been thinking about doing something like this for a few years. The students started gathering little by little after school and started to learn. With the support of the school administration, this project was funded and now we have an Elementary School Conjunto group. This makes me so happy! Read more about Conjunto Peligroso by clicking here. 

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