I found an article mysanantonio.com. back in 2022 where they published a ranking of David Lee Garza's lead singers and many people don't agree with the #1 spot.  I feel that Jay Perez's time with DLG brought us some of his biggest hits. However, I feel, that Marcos Orosco is the voice that is most associated with DLG.

So I consider Marcos Orosco #1 on my list and Jay Perez #2. Do you agree with the list published by My SA below?  Let us know in the Facebook comments about this status and answer our poll question below.

Here is how My SA ranked the singers:

9. Joey Martinez

8. Ben Ozuna

7. Cesar Martinez

6. Oscar G

5. Mark Ledesma

4. Ram Herrera

3. Marcos Orosco

2. Jay Perez

1. Emlilo

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The Rodeo Houston David Lee Garza Reunion Tour in 1999 and it was epic! The show featured DLG, Emilio, Jay, Ram, and Oscar G and we can't forget about David Lee's father, Papa Tony. Marcos Orosco closed out the night as the lead singer before all the lead singers came together for the finale.  This might be one of the most epic Tejano shows ever!
David Lee Garza recently performed in Victoria, Texas at the Memorial Weekend Bash! He was the closing headliner for night one on Friday, May 24th, 2024. Check out some of the live performances captured by KLUB Tejano 106.9.

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