A 27-year-old Victoria man not only faces 24 years, 6 months in prison for arson in the burning of the Victoria Islamic Center 2 years ago but now, Marq Vincent Perez also has to repay the appraised value of the building at the time.

A federal judge ordered that Perez begin making payments of $250 a month in restitution, once he completes his prison sentence. That amount could increase or decrease, depending on what his income is at the time. Perez' attorney argued that Perez shouldn't have to pay because the mosque's ownership was in question, because he was a minor at the time of the blaze, and because fundraising efforts raised way more than was needed to rebuild the facility, which the judge said was irrelevant.

Perez will also be not allowed to apply for credit or take on any debt that might keep him from being able to repay the debt. At that repayment rate, it will take over 124 years to reach the restitution total.   You can read the original Victoria Advocate story here.


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