Tejano Country closed down and Club Fuego emerged a few years later!  Club Fuego also brought us some of the biggest Tejano names and thanks to one of our KLUB Tejano listeners, Beatrice Pena,  we get these awesome photos.  In the photos, you see the legendary Jimmy Gonzalez on stage, Grupo Vida when Art Tijerina was the lead singer, and Grupo Fama back when Javier Galvan was the lead singer. There is also a pic of David Olivarez and Ricardo Castillon on stage. Club Fuego was open for three years and was run by three generations of the Almanza family.  Check out some of these photos that will definitely bring back those memories.

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Man, we miss seeing this sign in Victoria Square!


It was Club Fuego for a reason. Check out bartender, Chris, lighting the bar on fire. Chris Pena is the third generation of the Almanza Family. 


Grupo Vida live on stage when Art Tijerina was the lead singer. I was at this show.


David Olivarez performing on the Fuego stage. 'El Sonador' still lives on as a Tejano classic!


Ricardo Castillon gives us the hits from the Fuego Stage. This lady is having a great time.


The Legendary Jimmy Gonzalez is on stage. Side note: Jimmy Gonzalez performed his final show in Victoria before passing away. It was a private event.


When Javier Galvan was the lead singer of Grupo Fama.


We always bring up the West Key, Roberto's Cocktail, and Tejano Country. However,  I feel Tejano Country doesn't get the love it should. I have many great memories there. Who do you remember seeing live at Club Fuego?

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