Hey Texas, there’s a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot set to film in Austin, Texas, upon approval from the city.

If you’re a true blue Chuck Norris fan, we have some news for you. Instead of Chuck Norris, Supernatural star and Austinite himself, Jared Padalecki, has been chosen to star as the famous character, Walker, Texas Ranger. Ok, so we have to ask the following question: Who is the real Walker, Texas Ranger?

The reboot will be titled, Walker, and is set to start filming in Austin on October 20th, through April of 2021. This news is big for Austin, as the Texas Film Commission,  states the project is estimated to generate approximately a little over 17 million dollars in wages for Austin residents.

Padalecki is also set to be an executive producer of the reboot and seemingly has some big boots to fill. As many have said about Chuck Norris in the past, he does not sleep…he waits. If you’re doubtful of the reboot, Norris gave Walker the series to be, his blessing. The show will veer away from the original plotline of Walker, Texas Ranger so that viewers will have some new story to look forward to. It will follow Padalecki, named Cordell, a widow in the series, with two children, as he relocates to Austin after working undercover for two years.

Ultimately, more than 50% of the scheduling for production is set to film in Austin. Walker, Texas Ranger was considered a staple of television during its’ time on-air and with the news of the reboot, mixed reactions are to be expected. But, with a blessing from Norris and Padalecki as a superstar from the Supernatural series, Walker just may have the potential for some longevity.

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