Calling all spice lovers, Coca Cola is releasing yet again their Cinnamon Coke Flavor for the holiday season! Although for a “limited time only,” hitting the shelves in cans and bottles, you have plenty of time to stock up if the spice is right for you. Coca Colas’ website states, “the most festive flavor of the season is back!” as they invite people to enjoy the twist of their famous soda with a “twist of cinnamon.”

According to People magazine, the spiced beverage was available until the end of the year. If you’re familiar with Coca Cola’s Winter Spiced Cranberry sprite, we at the studio are hoping the rendition of their cinnamon coke will be just as delicious. People magazine reached out to a Coca Cola rep and they were unable to confirm how long it would be on the shelves during 2020. Although this year has been one for the history books, one thing is certain: the holidays are a time for cheer! From companies like Starbucks leaving a special place in the year for pumpkin spice flavored things to Coca Cola introducing spice into their various sodas, we cannot help but to take a step back and admire everything the holiday season brings with it.

If you’re a food fanatic and enjoy expanding your palate, the World of Coca-Cola located in Atlanta, Georgia, allows for visitors to taste their sodas distributed to different parts of the world and flavors only accessible at the exhibits. Here, you can learn about the history of the brand and take part in multiple activities which are always changing. Thanks to our intern Lorin Walker for bringing the spice with this find.

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