Hey everyone - it's that time...time to waste some time! Thanks for being here to check out the "Dumb Video of the Week!" Not that this video will lower your IQ, it's just a mindless video to help you escape from work for a few seconds.  Since it's the Halloween season, pumpkin everything, the staff here at DVOTW (Dumb Video of The Week, yes, we have shortened it already) have decided to merge to seasonal favorites - carefully carved Halloween pumpkins and hungry, hungry hippos.  Yes, we've scoured the internet to find you this treasure.  The video is so random there are no notes or no info what zoo this comes from, but do we really need that?! It's chomping of pumpkins by these amazing animals.

I also know what your next question is - is it normal for a Hippo to eat a pumpkin? Do Hippos anxiously await for fall (like a lot of folks) to devour pumpkin products? Let me try my best to answer. The good news is Hippos are herbivores (if they were carnivores we'd all be in trouble).  They graze each night on grass for four or five hours. If presented, they will eat other plants too. So, the pumpkins were probably a nice treat...with all that said... we proudly present the Dumb Video of the Week!



What do you want to see on the Dumb Video of the Week?  Feel free to send me you suggestions - and I will try and find it.  Thank you fro reading this far LOL. And, thank you fro stopping by to see - THE DUMB VIDEO OF THE WEEK!

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