Ruben Ramos, 'El Gato Negro' has always been the 'class act' in La Onda Tejana and he has such a rich history in Victora. Many of us have had the pleasure of seeing many shows of Ruben Ramos and Little Joe and the historic Club Westerner. I have always referred to a Ruben Ramos show as one of the best stage shows in Tejano music. The music always sounds crisp and clean and of course, we can't forget about the sharp suits that 'El Gato Negro' showcases on stage.

Some of you might not know that back in 2018, Ruben Ramos underwent a Triple Bypass Heart Surgery. Ruben basically was absent from the live Tejano music scene for almost 4 years due to his surgery and the COVID-19 pandemic.  We can't wait to see him back on stage here in Victoria.

His latest project entitled 'Inolvidabe' is out now and features two well-known producers Hugo Guerrero(THE CHARANGA KING) and Rick Fuentes(FORMER RUBEN RAMOS ACCORDIONIST). Rick currently has his own band,  Rick Fuentez and Brown Express. Talk about a collaboration of musical geniuses. 

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In a recent interview shared by Tejano Nation,  The album from Ruben Ramos includes six songs each from the two producers and contains Cuban influences, which he picked up from his childhood in the cotton fields near Houston as he listened to a shortwave radio that happened to pick up music from Cuba. The album’s Puerto Rican influences come as his older brother was stationed in Puerto Rico and the brothers would later perform some of the songs of that style with the Alfonso Ramos Orchestra.


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