You've probably heard about alleged incidents involving hypodermic needles being placed in pump handles at gas stations supposedly infected with the AIDS virus. I've seen my share of stories usually shared by friends on Facebook as a cautionary tale. According to the website Snopes, the stories have been floating around since 2000. They rated the story false at the time. They did report a true story of the same kind that happened as recently as last May in California. Now, a similar incident has occurred here in Victoria.

Victoria Police answered a call last Saturday night involving a reported rusty razor blade placed on a gas pump handle.

The incident happened at the Stripes store at 3402 S. Laurent in Victoria, and the customer said the blade fell from the gas pump handle as he grabbed it. No injuries were reported from the incident. Authorities reviewed security camera footage but didn't find anything unusual.

Victoria Police Spokesman Officer David Brogger reminds residents to be cautious and be aware of your surroundings at all times. He said it's a good idea check gas pump handles before you use them and if anything looks unusual, report it and use a different pump.

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