My prayers have been answered. I work two jobs and barely have the time anymore to go grocery shopping. And now, I don't have to. HEB Plus on Navarro has rolled out Curbside Pickup and let me tell's amazing.

I used the service yesterday and took some video to show you how incredibly easy it is to use. You go to their website, shop for what you need, pick a time to pickup your groceries, pay and when you show up at your chosen time, your groceries are waiting for you and loaded into your vehicle by HEB's awesome staff. I had the privilege of dealing with Val and Stephen (the Curbside manager) and they were both as awesome as they come. Val was super courteous and loaded my bags in my trunk for me! How cool is that?

The only thing I will say is when you go for the first time the signs do take you all over the parking lot so watch the video and it will show you where to go so you too don't end up driving all over the place like I did.

All in all we've needed this for awhile now. For people with chronic illnesses or mobility issues this is a God sent. Or people with small children who don't want to unload and load kids into the car or into the store...this will save you the hassle. And for people who just hate going to the grocery store...You are in luck.

And, FYI, you first 4 online orders are waved of the usual $4.95 fee. Even so, I'm willing to pay an extra $5 for someone to do my shopping for me. Thank you HEB!

Here's the video of my experience. Thanks to Val and Stephen for being good sports!

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