The Crossroads residents woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.  Temperatures dropped in the low 20s and with the mixture of rain and the below-freezing temperatures Texans were left with snow!

This rare occurrence only happens every blue moon in Texas. We are used to our sunshine and iced tea. However, this week is going to call for some sweatpants and hot cocoa.

This change in attire and menu has some Texans rushing to the store, and of course, our go-to Texas stored is HEB. In fact, to keep things fair, HEB has set a limit on certain items in their store as the temperatures begin to plummet. Propane tanks will be limited to two per transaction “in an effort to make sure all customers have access to products they need,” officials said online.

HEB has enforced such special limitations in the past when natural disasters like hurricanes of when coronavirus pandemic hit. Things like the basic necessities are typically stockpiled and go out of stock quickly, leaving residents helpless and without basic supplies. To help offset these chances, HEB limits the amount a customer can purchase, just to make things fair.

Aside from the propane limits, HEB has also adjusted its store hours and even closed some stores. The new adjustments can be found here. 

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