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New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped raise 5 million dollars for Texas storm relief. As Texans got hit with the extreme and severely cold weather last week, the New York representative flew into Houston to aid Texans during the trying times. AOC lent a hand at the Houston Food Bank, helping give out necessary supplies to community members in need. "Disasters don't strike everyone equally," AOC said as she stood on the steps of the food bank this past Saturday.


The winter storm that hit Texas caused a power outage that left many without any heat, water, or electricity for days. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas initially notified residents in the sunny, hot state of the potential for rolling blackouts. However, as power generators started to crash Monday, those outages were more widespread than anticipated, ERCOT has said. As a result, millions were left without power for days on end in below-freezing temperatures. Stores quickly began to run out of necessary supplies, including propane, which for many, was the one way to stay warm inside. AOC took quick action and set up a fundraiser to help raise money to support those affected by Texas's winter storm. On Thursday, AOC announced the relief efforts and the partnership with five other Texas organizations to help get on-the-ground support to Texans. The money raised goes straight to Texas organizations that help assist Texans during these trying times. Organizations like the Houston Food Bank, Feeding Texas, ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition), South Texas Food Bank, Food Bank of West Central Texas, Corazon Ministries, Family Eldercare, and five more organizations will receive the money raised.



AOC tweeted that after only one day, 1 million dollars had been raised; by the second day, another million had been raised, bringing it to 2 million dollars; by Sunday, 5 million dollars had been raised for Texans.


An overwhelming amount of support around the nation was given. A representative from a completely different state stepped in and showered up with assistance that was much needed. Some users only took to Twitter to show their enthusiasm and appreciation. However, some pointed out the flaws in our system and even stemming some good questions.




Five million dollars will go a long way, and Texans need the help right now as they transition back into normalcy.

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