I have called the city.  I have called the police.  I have pleaded on air with these criminals.  And NOBODY will help me.  This website of ours is the last bastion of hope for a fool like me.  Help.  I'm being terrorized .  It all started a few years ago when I moved into the city.  I noticed this big green truck pull up in front of my house one Friday morning.  This was no ordinary truck though.  It's been rigged with some type of mechanical arm that actually reached down and stole all my trash.  It took the entire trash container and shook out the contents!!  I yelled for them to stop, but they were undeterred.  They blatantly commited the crime of theft, not even caring that I witnessed the whole dispicable act.  After they drove away, I went to see if any of the neighbors were missing any trash.  Damn those thieves!!  They had hit us all.  Soooo...I figured that was the end of  it, but nooooooooo!!!  They came back for more a few days later and have been helping themselves to my trash ever since.  I've contacted the city, the police and basically anybody else that will listen and NOBODY WILL HELP ME!!!  They act like I'm crazy.

At this point, I've basically given up on the idea of anyone stopping these criminals.  So just when I was all set to move on with my life...Someone has started stealing my mail.  They're just driving up and taking it right from mailbox.  This time, I was lucky enough to take this cell phone snapshot of this thug in action.


So dear www.1069therock.com reader,   you may want to consider locking up your mail.  If not, you r mail may be next.  If you do catch him in action, don't confront him...He should be considered dangerous.  You've been warned.

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