Pitiful. That's the one-word description I'd give the Houston Texans performance against the New York Giants yesterday in which they were beaten 27-22.

What's the problem with the team? Is it an aging defense? Is it bad play calling? It's probably a combination of those things and a few other factors. Either way, the bottom line is that the Texans have some 'splaining to do.

Despite the fact that the defense looked horrible in the first half, they were fired up in the second half with J.J. Watt getting some sacks, which has been missing this season. The ground game was atrocious with a total of only 59 yards but the passing game was a little better, Deshaun Watson threw 368 yards with one TD. Missteps have also been a big factor in the first three games, I mean, how many unnecessary penalties have we had? I've lost count.

I will take the positives that the defense showed in the second half and hope they can carry that into the next game against the Colts this Sunday. I agree with what one pundit said after the game about how Coach O'Brien should design plays around Watson's talents and not try to make him fit a certain mold. Maybe the Texans need an actual offensive coordinator to design plays and let O'Brien just coach.

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