Townsquare Media DJ's JP and Ingra Lee LOVE food. In fact, they love food so much they often challenge each other to tastings. Ingra Lee lived overseas and often has JP try foods he has never heard of before ( think dried squid and kimchi). In exchange, most recently JP challenged Ingra Lee to try barbacoa and a bite of habanero pepper. A listener showed up to the station the next day with habanero sauce and this started what can only be described as a SALSA  WAR.

🌶️ QUESTION: Some like it hot hot hot- who has the best salsa in Victoria🌶️

They asked their listeners on the Facebook page, who had the best salsa in Victoria. They had around 50 replies before the morning show ended. Here are some of the responses. There was one reigning champion after the votes were tallied.

Here are the runner ups and the reigning champion.

Best Salsa Hot Sauce in Victoria

Interestingly enough most responses said they preferred their salsa and hot sauces GREEN!!!!

You can check out ALL of the responses right here.

In the meantime, enjoy your hot day and your hot sauce wherever you are and wherever you get it!  Thank you for listening and for playing!

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