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The Texas Department of State Health Services released their official figures on Thursday regarding the number of Texans who have died as a result of the February winter storm. While some numbers are still being resolved, the total of fatalities from the extreme weather event has reached 111.

NBCDFW shared a list of the fatalities county by county across the state and its Harris County leading the way with 31 deaths, then Travis county with 9 deaths.

DSHS says 111 Texans died as a result of conditions created by the winter storm between February 11th to March 5th. Here in Victoria county, the storm hit on a Sunday (Valentine's Day) and it was the following Friday before most of us had both our utility and our water back. The most common cause of death was hypothermia.

We can all remember seeing news reports featuring Texans without any heat or running water. Some of the videos we saw featured the insides of homes that looked just as cold and frosty as the outsides of their homes. Some residents found frozen in their homes had the temperatures in their living room drop to well below freezing. Not all of the deaths, however, were caused by extreme temperatures.

Some Texans died as a result of a number of accidents including car crashes, carbon monoxide deaths, failure of medical equipment in the cold, and even some that passed away due to a number of bad falls on the ice.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says they will continue to update the numbers each week as more information is collected and verified.

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