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We've all seen plenty of different kinds of breakfast burritos in Texas, but I've never seen a menu that features a 'Crystal Meth' Breakfast Burrito. Ya gotta laugh at some of the unbelievable stuff that happens these days.

We can't confirm which Houston area eatery is creating such a dangerous breakfast during these crazy times, but we can confirm the story from ABC13.com.

Just the many many strange hiding places that meth-heads use for meth transport is its own story. I can't tell ya how many times I've read about "tons of meth discovered stuffed inside raw fish" or "meth found in 100 packages of Funyuns", or "border agents find meth stuffed into broccoli", the list goes on and on!

Screeners at Houston's Hobby Airport apparently had some extra time to thoroughly inspect someone's breakfast back on April 2nd according to ABC13. The TSA said they noticed what they thought was an exceptionally large and quite lumpy burrito. Do you think there is a class for this? How to spot illegal drugs hidden in various objects? The agents then asked the traveler to undress their burrito. Officers said the passenger insisted it was just breakfast.

The agents then told the passenger the burrito was going to have to go through the X-ray machine. That is when they discovered what looked like black tape around one of the lumps in the "methritto", prompting them to completely take the thing apart and that is when they discovered the crystal meth. Agents arrested the individual and confiscated the meth, eggs, and bacon.


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